Get Involved

The Seneca Area Chamber/SDI is an organization through which businesses, organizations and residents work together for the common good of the community. Through your personal service and financial support, we can successfully promote, encourage and improve the life line of the Seneca area. The partnership with the City of Seneca will strengthen the leadership for commerce and community development and enhance quality of life in the Seneca area.

We have chosen to focus on the Seneca Area because Seneca is such a rural community we feel that it is important reach out to the businesses that are outside of the city as well because they are just as much part of our community as the businesses in town! It is our responsibility to promote the entire Seneca Area and in order for us to do this effectively we need to get the rural businesses involved in our organization as well.

Seneca Area Chamber/SDI has four committees and many volunteers whose goals are to work together to continue to enhance the quality of life in our community to become a more attractive place to work, live and raise a family. You can make a difference in our community by becoming a member of a committee or a volunteer.

Membership & Organization Committee

Economic Development and Restructuring Committee

Promotions Committee

Design & Historic Preservation Committee