Change in Parade Route

The route for the Nemaha County Fair Parade will be altered this year due to weather delays on the street project on Seneca’s Main Street. The street project, which was started in April of this year, has been met with several delays due to the amount of rain we have received this spring and summer.

“With the recent rain events, the Main Street renovations have met some unfortunate obstacles to prepare for the parade with a guarantee of no last-minute changes in plans.” Steve Brooks, City Administrator for the City of Seneca said.  “While we recognize that it will have a different look and feel than what attendees are accustomed to, we feel that this route change will provide a good alternative and a solution that will allow the Main Street renovations to continue. The City of Seneca is very appreciative of the understanding and cooperation of the residents and other attendees. Let’s have a great parade.”

The plan for the parade will be to alter it as little as necessary, but consideration was given to the fact that many large pieces of equipment are in the parade and need a large enough area to make turns.

“We were aware this could happen,” Kylee Bergstrom, Seneca Area Chamber and Downtown Impact Executive Director said. “We have had a contingency plan ready in case the parade couldn’t happen as normal this year.” The Seneca Area Chamber and Downtown Impact is the entity that puts on the parade each year.

The parade will begin in the same manor that it does each year. Parade entries will line up on their designated streets as they normally do. The parade will begin at the corner of 3rd and Main Street heading west just as it does each year. The route will change when the parade gets to the 6th Street intersection. At this point instead of continuing west on Main Street, the parade route will turn north on 6th Street. The route will continue on 6th Street until Amador Street. The Amador Street intersection will be the official end of the parade route allowing a couple of blocks for parade walkers and those on floats to disembark before reaching Highway 36.

“We really appreciate everyone’s willingness to work with us as we pivot our plans to make sure this year’s parade is a success,” Bergstrom said.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Get Wrapped Up in 4-H”. The parade will begin at 6pm on Sunday, July 30. Those interested in putting an entry into the parade can contact the Seneca Area Chamber and Downtown Impact at 785-336-1313 for line up information.